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In my new yard, running my hand over the rough bark Yes, this tree felt like home, like it was meant to be; it felt like art Like a flat palm into fingers, it grew out An atrium grew to encase a heart beating loud
I saw our treehouse yesterday. It was strange seeing it in a state like this. The wood is crumbling, the glass broken, water leaking. I remember when we were young
To Bully is to be cruel, Noreason reason to do so, Hurting people, Making many cry for no reason, They become depressed and build up anger, Many kill themselves to end the pain, And for what?
I've got a club, it fits just two Consists of only me and you; I got your back, you've got mine Make sure no man is left behind. Up in a fort with winter chills,
The Treehouse   Wooden beams support, surround. Ladder, crow's nest, food abounds, Kitchen, rooms, high seas are found.   Magic beings to work her charm,
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