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There used to be a time when writting for blacks was a crime. But laws changed over time. Now blacks are allowed to rhyme, through poetry and raps and now some are creating their own apps.
My tongue is not held by tongs. My thoughts run with no destination, My emotions flow with ever situation.
I'll never take it back Don't speak to me like that Hearing voices throughout my head All my thoughts have already been said I feel a push I feel a rush  Now the hole is getting larger
What really gets me going in life is the fufillment of dreams and love throughout strife. The courage to do
What makes you tick? That's a hard question to answer, because my answer's not quick.
"I'm not racist but…" "I'm not homophobic but…" "I'm not sexist but…"   The truth is, you are, And saying that you're not  Won’t help stop the war.   You’re not the one stopped
I am my worst enemy I cannot understand the inside of me This land of me is full of mystery I always try to be the best
  Machine Minds   Tick tick tick. The never-ending tick of the mind. Forever the enigma.
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