You're not the one

"I'm not racist but…"

"I'm not homophobic but…"

"I'm not sexist but…"


The truth is, you are,

And saying that you're not 

Won’t help stop the war.


You’re not the one stopped

For walking innocently, 

No police on your back, 'cause white equals saintly. 


You’re not the one afraid 

Of being disowned by your mother,

No pain from the mockery of being called "other".


You’re not the one who's body

Is governmentally controlled, 

No blame for your rape, you're not left in the cold.


Discrimination does more than tick me off

Whether it's ignorant, known, or hidden behind a cough.

There have been too many casualties

In this war that must end.

Disdain for humans is voiced so casually

That it's become a trend.



I love the use of quotation in this!!

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