Education poem


There used to be a time

when writting for blacks was a crime.

But laws changed over time.

Now blacks are allowed to rhyme,

through poetry and raps

and now some are creating their own apps.

Now we're the ones

running businesses, classrooms, on board of foreign policy, and even preventing disease.

A big change indeed,

from when my grandmother graduated from Spelman College 

the year 1942, 

and now I got there too

the number one HBCU

Historically Black College/ University

and with a major in International Studies I seek diversity

I know that I will face adversity

but because my grandmother taught me well

 I know I'll do well.

She told me, 

"With great education you can change lives,

learn to write

learn to fight 

for you education

school is not alway fun

but if you want an education go get one

there will be hardships but don't run

cuz you can't afford it ,

but instead work for it

fight for it

live for it 

and die with it. 


A degree is more than just a piece of paper to me

it allows a wide variety of opportunity

It allows you to effectively give back to your community

you can give your community hope;

hope that they can make it too

hope that dreams will come true

with $1,000 what would I do?

I'd definetly pay for school

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