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sometimes i wished for peace i wished for insanity wish, wish, wish, all meaningless i wished for meaning-- i had none-- i had no point. did i have a moral compass? i wished my
mama said to eat well and study well and be well, so i never told her when i fell down the stairs tumbling and tumbling down the bottom until my bottom was on the floor.
Two twins named Chantelle with buckets and bells took to the road to scoop from the well   bending right over, Chantelle, who, quite sober, slipped off the end and tumbled and fell
All I need is my sanity With my sanity, I have my peace And with my peace, I have my mind And with my mind, I can survive Because I, I waver sometimes.  
oh, I've thrown too many pennies down the well and I can almost climb right out of it now. I'm waiting to get to the top so I can leave  this damaged place I come from.  I don't want to hear you say another word,
great minds would
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