mama said to eat well and study well

and be well,

so i never told her when i fell

down the stairs

tumbling and tumbling down the bottom

until my bottom was on the floor.

mama said to eat well and study well

so i could be well.

and i was.

and i am.

i eat well

i eat my greens

and dip my saltines

into tomato soup.

soupy, soupy tomato soup.

i study well,

well enough for me to move on

and carry on

to another school after this.

so i step, step, step down these halls.

i eat well like she said to.

i study well like she said to.

i am well, like she said to be.

but mama, are you eating well, too?

studying well, too?

being well, too?

there is no point

to eat well,

to study well,

and to be well

if i am well only

on my own.

This poem is about: 
My family


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