I Shan't Tell

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 19:42 -- Leaky

Two twins named Chantelle

with buckets and bells

took to the road

to scoop from the well


bending right over,

Chantelle, who, quite sober,

slipped off the end

and tumbled and fell


"Oh no!" cried Chantelle

who looked down the well

and saw that Chantelle

was quite far from swell


"I'll get some help"

she exclaimed and ran off

to the village close by

while her sister just coughed


"My sister is stuck, 

won't you help me please?

She's gone down the well

and can be pulled out with ease.

I'm quite a small girl

and have no strength,

I beg thee to help us

it would go a long length!"


"What is your name?

Who ails so this morning?"

a tender young youth 

asked without warning


"I, Chantelle" said Chantelle

her statement of confusion

caused the youth to quell


"Why if you cannot tell me,

how could I trust thou?

For all that I know

this is just a show

to have me robbed

like a few weeks ago


With that, the youth left

with worries of theft

and Chantelle

felt stupid


"Who's gone down the well,

who was it you said?"

a kindly old man

with his sons asked with dread


"Oh thank goodness,

you're cordial!"

Chantelle cried with hope

"You'll help my poor sister?

Well this is quite dope!"


"Now hold it, young lady

I mean both your tongue and your spirit

What's happened there

to your sister, let's hear it"


"Well to be quite frank, 

she had a dumb tumble

after the rope

made her fuss and fumble.

Just some water, we wanted

to scoop from the well

then that dummy had to slip

and down there she fell."


"I see." said the man

"My young sons can help thee.

Go on, Arcus and Angus,

go and set that girl free."


And so the three went 

back deep in the forest

till upon the well

they could hear Chantelle's chorus


"I'm here for you sis!

With a strong pair of arms!

They can lift you out soon

out the way of harm!"


"Tis' bout time!"

Chantelle bellowed

"What took thee so long?

I've been sitting here waiting

I've sang like 5 songs!"


"How far down are you there?

Can we reach? What's your name?

Arcus and Angus

asked the stuck dame


"I, Chantelle," said Chantelle

her words echoed off the well

"So help me out now

for there are bugs here that dwell."


"What was your name?

We couldn't quite catch that."

Arcus and Angus puzzled quietly

those asshats


They turned to Chantelle

who was puzzled as well

and asked,

"Dude, what did your sister say, seriously."


Chantelle pointed slightly

to herself quite lightly

then to the well 

where her sister looked unslightly


"I, Chantelle," replied Chantelle

and looked back at the well

"She, Chantelle," continued Chantelle

"the one who fell down the well."


"That's it, we're leaving,

this is a joke of a mess.

You ladies are crazy

is this your idea of a jest?”


Arcus and Angus

both turned and marched angrily

feeling like idiots

with no shred of rationality


Chantelle and Chantelle

both dumbfounded at the well

took a vow to go home

and change one of their names to something original



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