alternate reality

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In this place I stand Surrounded by friends Smiles running through my cheeks Like a sourceless river Holding all to heart   In my closet I sob Even when in company
  We insure our insecurities by dubbing these things dreams in the first place.   I’m pulling and tugging at the strings
I saw that the waves Were always moving, And always changing, And never made The same shape twice. And it was beautiful, But it was lonely, And I thought of you.  
Cravings on my soul, Cravings on my spirit, let me see behind your thoughts; I wan't to taste your lyrics. I need you on my meals, There's no other substitute.
We've stood here for centuries. We've stood here since the first defiance Shown through the eating of a fruit forbidden.
To get and grasp separation of paths is difficult sometimes how do I accept chaotic intersections that are not mine? So emotions keep fumbling over, but the top's still on
"Do close your eyes and awaken from the pain Re-read the tears separated from rain Mi, only mi, will tell you when your sane," Father has told me, once and again.
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