It's hard to explain

but lets give it a try

I know I don't express a great deal of pain

so few actually ask why

I always walk around with a smile on my face

That's just a fade

that I use to get around this place

It's just easier made


How I actually feel is unknown to me

that adds a lot of confusion

But life isn't a cup of tea

Its more like an unsolved illusion

that's keeps your mind moving

Your body going

Keeps you living, thinking, wondering

Just not believing


Some people fight for love

that's a great possibility for me

but can it be true

that someone may actually have that ability

To understand this undesirable, indecisive , incapable person

I'm believed to be

or is it just me

that seems there is no possibly


An explanation of what truly is me

Will never be in the minds of anybody

It's not even a capability

Until its answerable to this empty body

That needs to discover their own identity

That's lost in the sea of humanity

Trying to decided my own destiny


Is this what the world is made out to be

Judging by only what is seen in their reality

But not what really matters

Those other factors

That make up your inner being

who you think of yourself to be



No one knows who I really am

Few only know the bits and piece

and others make up what they can


No one knows the true feelings I may have

Just the ones of this "happy" girl

But in the real world

Its more than that


It's more than thinking you can call me what you want

Im still gonna laugh it out

but im just really keeping the real words inside my mouth

I may hate it

but you wouldn't know what it is to be considerate

You all are just illiterate

Not in words but emotion

Not in your ability to read but to see, these true identities

That exist in my reality


Its hard to explain

But everyone is not the same

Emotionally, Physically, their ability to love somebody

Thats just crazy

Because I know it's not just me

Being seen through a tunnel

Where only what they wanna see

Is comprehensible

It's like a puddle

You won't know how deep it actually is

Until you put on your shoe

And soon realizes

Who, This Girl really is

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Our world
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