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You take one look at me and what do you see? A girl who not yet a woman? Someone who has life made? Well, look again. I have lived in two different homeless shelter. Truth be told I graduated high school while I was living in one.
She’s always saying speak up child
Seeing things with a different light Looking in the mirror and shaking my head… no I feel the need to dislike the reflection I see Too point out my wobbly knees my unpainted toes
I am beautiful? See I am in between, medium, in the middle. I am not light I am not dark, they call me brown skin. with the right filter I am light, and with no light you are blind.
I pledge alligence to the Black Man. The bearer of life and protector of life and provider of nourishment. 
The Mind of Matter, The Consciousness of the Cosmos,  And the Evolution of Quanta, It is within the mind that gave us our beginning, Yet it is beyond our understanding of what created this mind, The Quanta,
Past, future, present They come and go Make you wander Draw laughter Even make you cry Build a world of its own Trace me out and you will Discover a thought is never just a thought
The point where light and dark converge,
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