Seeing things with a different light

Looking in the mirror and shaking my head… no

I feel the need to dislike the reflection I see

Too point out my wobbly knees my unpainted toes

It seems as if  I have to be in search of the mistake

To take a magnifying glass to my scars and be in disdain

And the reflection in the mirror it shatters

The glass pieces fall like daggers

I take my need to hate and I toss it

I don’t have time for any of that

Walk out to the world with a strut so strong

Every step I take sends vibrations to those around me

And I gain my sight back and I feel my impact

I see only what I want to see

And I.See.Greatness

I see beauty and bravery

They swirl around me as gold embers lighting my path

I let myself lead myself to where I must be

And every step I take is greatness

Since I love what I see everyday

No piece of glass will dictate me


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