end racism

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The hate you give may be The hate you'll receive You give what you get, You get what you give. So often, this philosophy. - And so, molded by hate, I become what I hate. Why does this happen?
It's funny because a couple years ago I thought racism was over It's funny because when my mom told me segregation still exists I didn't believe her.
Im sorry if you cant relate. I swear to you this man promotes hate. If you do not believe me attend a rally. Just sit there, dont speak, dont be rowdy. Listen. Listen to what they are really saying.
I am Mike Brown. I am Tamir Rice. I am Eric Garner. I am the fallen of my culture, my color, my characteristics. I am the family of these victims, I am the friends.
  Step into their shoes Take a step, and a walk For you shall learn how they Could never talk   Those across the streets Thought differently To their defeat,
Today i've been asked  What would I Change ? In this big world   so many things to consider 
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