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Is it love when one forces it upon other?? Is it love when all you do is smother?? The word love is thrown around Causing some to break down The meaning of love has been lost
The butterflies that flutter with the thought of them.Is that love?The chills you get as they mention your name.Is that love?
Your eyes are swollen. Tears stain your cheeks What is it? You know you can talk to me Go on, I swear I'll listen love Slurring your words, try and speak up Unfortunate souls, raised to stomp upon Lillies
You can I love you You can say I’ll be here You can feel the passion You can sense the loss of fear.   You can shine as bright as the night skies While swerving down the road
All my life, I was scared; Scared of what others would think, Scared of standing out, Scared of the world. As a child, I would hide behind my parents; Growing older, I was scared to be different;
Looking in the mirror at myself, Wishing I could be anyone, anyone else, And I can't really tell you why, Other than I've always been afraid to fly, And even though I try I can't see the light.
If I can make one child's life better, i'll have done my job.
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