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The time when young brains are so impressionable Scribbling colors, Tracing letters, making friends The world seemed so big for our tiny hands
The stages of rain are neverending But it seems that this rain is heavy Mixed with hail and God's guilty tears Maybe he see the bad we've done What he has caused us to do And wants to wash it away  
You cried You cried for maybe 20 minutes? 15?   Then you pleaded You tried to at least But why? What's the point?   Then you screamed Screamed at the world
On the day my sibling chose the rope A woman came to the door  After dad cut him down  I listened to his chest There was no beat
One My heart skips a beat He's beautiful. Perfect. Positively sweet. I only wish that we might meet.  But perhaps I wouldn't be able to take the heat. Not if my heart keeps beating so quick.  
A Thorny Mountain Raveled with spikes of venom  With no end in sight
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