In the Passing Hours of Adolescence

The time when young brains are so impressionable

Scribbling colors, Tracing letters, making friends

The world seemed so big for our tiny hands

But loving support guided us through all odds and ends


The next chapters only grew more difficult

Realizing life is not nearly as fair as we thought

Pressure to navigate the new rough waters

With the new crashing waves, we tried staying afloat


Reality of life poked when daddy’s fingers loosened

Senior year, scholarship essays, college applications

Our futures looked just at hand’s reach

Nervous anticipation letting go of dad’s hand at graduation


Now I realize dependance hasn’t been the worst

Gratitude for the familial love that kept me grounded

The timeless love that will be with me forever

Waiting for the day my heart will love my own child aboundingly


This poem is about: 
My family


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