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The women, who face persecution still With paychecks that won’t fill the bill What about the others The internment camp group Japanese who were captured and colored As terrorists and Worse communists
I watched as paul bearers wound you six feet under ground and sprinkled dirt on your pine box? Where are you going, was it by choice or by chance or did time just run out on your life’s clock?
If I could change anything huh? I always think to myself money.  Money money money.  We as people run off of money.  It's practically our caffeine.  I sit here now, writing about money because I need money. 
Lack of confidence  I will be my own defeat  Internal battle
Bigot Closed Minded Delusional Judgemental Hatred I have been told that this would happen, but why? Other people before us has
I, an average college student, would change:
Day to day we’re always told that we need to be the utmost best we can be; to shine brighter than the last and burn with more intensity. Flames blazing and creeping up the walls. Any higher
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