The Power to Change... Views


Closed Minded




I have been told that this would happen,

but why?

Other people before us has

slaughtered our name so much...

But does that mean

that we must endure

an excruciating persecution

that we can't escape from?

If I could change the views

of every single person,

they would know.

They would know the difference between

the fake and the real.

They would know that we

may be called to be different,

but we most certainly are not

immaculate nor pefected.


we are not the very definition

of who the fakers made us

to be:





If I could just dip

into their minds

and all of their hearts,

I would just say,

that our mission is simply

To love.

I may disagree with you,

but I do not abhorr you.

I do not seek distruction,

I am not a monster.

I am sorry if those people hurt you,

but I- We-

We are the unique,

who have followed a God

who has told us we

have to love to reach them.

But the only way we can,

is to go

one by one.

But if I had the power to burn up their

opinions of us,

all together at one point

to stop the madness,

I would.


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