If I could change anything huh?

I always think to myself money. 

Money money money. 

We as people run off of money. 

It's practically our caffeine. 

I sit here now, writing about money because I need money. 

Why do I need it? Because I'm poor. 

But the girl across the street has all the money in the world. 

She doesn't have to do anything for the money in her pocket. 

Its sad that the people who work the hardest get nothing,

but the people who sit on their couch all day have everything they want. 

Why does it work that way? 

If I could change anything it would deal with equality.

Not necessarily saying everyone makes the same amount of money etc. 

But you can get whatever you need when need be. 

I shouldnt have to be subject to having no education because I can't pay for it!

If I need the money for college I should get it no matter what, because the government wants us to be educated right? Right. 

Its contradiction. You just need a brain to figure it out. 


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