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Success the fear and excitement something controlled and set free Taking care of others not only mentally but also physically From only a thought to a thought brought to life smiles from every room
Happiness and joy, money at my feet why not me? Families going through hard times people on the street, fearing things will never be the same seeing me, makes there day. Having a little more hope for change.
Growing up,  I wanted to fulfill my parents dreams. Be a doctor, become a suregon. I wanted all that and then some. I wanted to go into the military, and attach fallen limbs.
A country for the free, it was supposed to be To be unique and new, equality to all With innocence upheld, Lady Justice was blind New labor laws intact, kept the people alive
      My dream job is not anything out of the ordinary. I don't want fame, nor attention.  I just want to help people. The dream job that I achieve is being a doctor.
AppreciateI want to feel appreciated;Not feeling alone and differentiatedI once had a dream of owning my own bakery.I am hospitable and neighborly;This is who I am.
I want to take you apart. Bit by bit, deconstructing with my mind. Bones and skin and muscles Take you down to your most basic components. I want to see you stretch. I want to coax your skin into
There's something to be said about self-expression About everyone knowing who you are Without you having to tell them In a world where you are one Of 7 billion people It's easy to feel lost.
My future In my mind, my future is filled with success In my mind, my future is not filled with disappointment But, that is simply impossible  The future is unpredictable   
Free to be whatever I fancy Free to be the grandest To record the world like Tom Clancy Or take the climb atop Mt. Everest Perhaps heal the wounded with my hands
The time has come and I'm ready to surpass one of life's greatest milestones that isn't taught in class. If I did not need to decide, I'd gladly take off and explore, but I must, so I shall, and I'll try not to view it as a chore.
My future is bright Although money is tight I have faith in my future Because I've already seen the light People may not believe now But I know they will see it then So many dreams
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