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Tue, 07/22/2014 - 20:46 -- Reyes


      My dream job is not anything out of the ordinary. I don't want fame, nor attention.  I just want to help people. The dream job that I achieve is being a doctor. First of all it, it would help my family quite a bit since I would be the first college graduate in my immediate family. I am already going to be the first to graduate from high school, so this would be giving my parents great happiness. It would also make me very happy because I have wanted to be in this profession since I was very young. My mothers poor health, and my extended families health issues always motivated me to try and change how I know many others feel when they see their loved ones suffering. I have already been learning about the human body and different types of sicknesses that affect it. To get this job, first I want to become a nurse and gain more knowledge as well as get a job to pay for my future studies. For this I need to become one of the best students because of the obstacles there are for me. I may not have been born in this country. Yet it is the only home I have know for as long as my memory allows. Therefore if I want to have a successful life in the United States, I have to work hard to have a good job in the future. That is why I am looking for as many scholarships as I can, and trying to get a job. Because I need to go to college, I need to have a better future, improve the quality of my life. My parents have always pushed myself forward so I can do things they couldn't. That is why I am trying to get these financial aids which could help me achieve my dream career. 


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