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I am tall Higher than most men Girls belittle me But i disregard them   They are jealous that i stand above They are jealous of what  have come to be They are jealous of what i will become
She takes the dagger and thrusts it into her heart. Why did things have to turn out this way?
For as long as I remember, she told me it was sick That I should never look at one that way It bothered me that she said things like that She wanted me to be perfect, her miracle
I'm going for the top I got it on lock Its no crock I'm sturdy as a rock That will never crumble like a stock This is why I have a flock They would follow me around any block So don't be in shock
Stand still solider  Knowing that you will never see your little sister grow older Stand still solider 
Cut your hair boy, Why are you bald.. you are a girl. You do not meet expections, but it isn't you, it is just the world... Yes hunny it is ugly.
I am not going to explain the scars on my wrist Or size of my waist to the ratio of my hips. I’m not going to apologize for the way my ribs protrude
Strength. Patience. Faith. Courage.
I know as I write about what's wrong or right. Someone wants to see the end of my life. I tell them go ahead and try! I'm at that point I'm not scare to die for enlightening minds.
Through these eyes I have witnessed hardship, Through this mouth I have tasted the tears,
Watch me fly Spreading my wings much farther than you ever thought Watch me soar Over, under, and past all fear, daring the impossibe Watch me succeed Past all your doubts, expectations,and limits
Umm this may sound weird...
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