Stand Still Soilder!

Wed, 08/27/2014 - 00:48 -- JonJC

Stand still solider 

Knowing that you will never see your little sister grow older

Stand still solider 

Knowing that your father that knew how to make quarters appear behind your ears,that now magically makes bottles look thinner, make a hungry child look skinner, and make a house whole of 5 look emptier.

knowing that your not there

fighting for a country

full of people that believe that you don't have a right to bare arms, except for the ones that you were born with, only to block the shots of someone else's punch...

I hope your realize that people don't fight with there fists anymore

and that why my city is a living warzone

So I refuse to stand still

and become a living status dress in camouflage fight a war in other country when I have one at my own 

So I will not stand still 

to Many pawns has died to protect our queens

too many knight has died so that the morning could still be alive

so I will not stand still and collect that checkmate and face defeat

I am not obligated to rest because there are too many brothers that have died and rest in peace

Brothers from the war zone come bad traumatized 

knowing that this world will not move

Unless we all take a step

Unless we all stand up

and we all refuse to...

Stand still like a solider 


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