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POSITIVISM Positive mind makes wishes come true as a faithful mind manifests all hopes. #c9_fm
Clear skies Clouds white as paper Air is crisp flat ironed pressed Birds sing a melody Grass seems greener A breath of fresh air; breathe in With every step I take I smile  
There's no competition when I'm around, because everyone gets nervous with many crying sounds!   The competitors get terrified when I am near. When I win, the others give a crestfallen tear.  
How to be demonstrative of positive? I suggest gladness is an evocative, And through a consequence of the causative; a presence of your highest prerogative.   It’s rare to find care in a world of unfair.
Do you ever just wonder, Listen, and wait?Before that moment is gone - its too late.That moment is behind us, Its stuck in the past.But why let that stop you, Must the pain last?
the feeling of power swallows the soul into an abyss ofan evil being we thought would be never capable.but then there's the mighty ones turning that power into a beacon of hope and a brighter future for man kind.
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