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VOTE SALAMANDER! By Bruce Buschel Originality is not common in human nature Not every group has unique nomenclature There are troops of mongoose and baboons
It was 1921 when women stood strong They held their heads high To fight against past wrongs Those brave heroes paved way for today Allowing young girls the chance
Here is inland pride, And given bonks on the head, What is important?
Is voting the only time you’re able to truly validate your voice? I’ve heard about the police brutality, the shootings, food insecurity But turning 18 is not the only time you get to make a choice  
On November the 6th, I voted against Phil Bredesen.Yesterday, I was pleased to learn that he didn't win.I also voted against Bredesen once before.Back in 2006, when he was Tennessee's Governor.
In August of 1965, The Voting Rights Act was Finally Signed. It granted all Americans the right to Vote, without taking tests and paying taxes at the Poll. Thank to our leaders who risked their lives,
A cultural prime in the dark ages of mentality Arose the ridged slums of arrogance sparking general vitality Within each artery clogged any reasoning and peace Seasoning open wounds with salt and deceiving to say the least
My voice! You heard me right. Elections are coming. I will vote to make my speech known. My voice!
Dear America, Why is it that I’m over $40,000 in debt with student loans and I have yet to make $40,000 a year? Dear America, Why is it that my blackness alone is a reason for our police to shoot and kill?
Oh America, where are You heading? Are You welcoming the refugees? Although You used to, now you’re not willing To help those special people in need.   Looking at You from the Old Continent
America the Great? More like America's a fraud, Stealing from the poor, trying to keep up their facade, Polishing their shoes with the sweat of hard workers, Blaming us for their troubles when they're the real shirkers,
The man in the orange mask does not know my struggles. He does not know my intentions. Or my dreams.   But how could he? For it is a nation that strived on the working class,
They look down upon us and Scoff, chuckle, take us for fools. Fatten our heads with campaigns, Ads that destroy the competitor,
I have been around and I have seen a lot. And many a time I have been to the ballot. Sometimes when I am looking around, I see their ignorance being spoken out loud.
You don't want to vote. It's corrupt. It's useless. It's a pain. It's a bore. It's too hard.   Tell that to women who were told they were too emotional to make decisions.
You against me, And myself against you. In another life it wouldn’t be so. In this life it isn’t so, But there are those who say otherwise. Their voice drowns out reason, Logic doesn’t play in their favor.
Ignorance the vitrue of many to bandwagon, To vote a cause without seeing the unseen consequence,  Like among the many who run in debt with credit transaction, The power is seen as the over-bearing opulence,
A vote is the 19th amendment It is the shield for my mother, my sister, and my aunt It is the yellow stars that fall upon me It is the bruises that have been formed The blood that has been lost
No one is too small to cause great changes And no one too large to alter all things Many judge solely based on appearance
A passion is a longing, A deep down tug or sorts, That pulls and guides you every day, To new mountain tops and new ports.   My passion is very special, It involves all of you,
If at the voter’s booth I was given potter’s wheel and clay, And told, “Make a victorious president this day!” I would not know how to start or where to play. But since you asked, this much I’ll say:
If I could change anything one thing, no matter how big or small, I would probably change the voting age. 
I will not be satisfied  until I can leave my home wearing whatever I please whenever I please and not be worried about who I may provoke.    I will not be satisfied until I know
All men are created equal Equal meaning what? Try and try again Give ME the definition
Honestly, school is a place where we spend on average 7 hours sitting in a desk, wasting our time. Some days we work, some days we relax and watch movies. So what’s the need to sit in a prison we call school.
You are debating, misstating, creating Facts and figures that sounds so nice. I am waiting, we are waiting, My generation is weighting
Barack Obama Pressing munchies on the poor Feeding off us all.
Though I'm a woman I know that I am freeThe constitution is alive,a river flowing from sea to shining sea.and despite the fact I'm under 18I know it's not because of my skin that I can't vote, 
Only in a nation With the world at your fingers, Can you lack consideration And fuel bottom feeders. You can see anything, Read anything, Be anything, But the only thing you want
They said we were free From the chains and the whips, Yet this is another Kind of imprisonment. No freedom at all, To choose and to vote. My voice is not heard But rather ignored.
Barack Obama is all about protecting our freedom In 2008, people thought Mccain was going to beat him They said he can’t be president because he’s black But he proved them all wrong and changed history
Back in the ‘60’s the movement began From Memphis to Selma the freedom trains ran Rallies and demos the fires did fan As civil rights came into focus
America Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, The Land of the Depraved and Enslaved Where voting is a universal right fought for by centuries of plight
Vote It shouldn’t be a question Go vote Let them know that you have a voice Vote It is not a suggestion Go vote Because you have the choice
What are my chances of Actually winning? Does it matter? If I only try – does that count? Rejection Doesn’t sit well with me, Failure is almost Unbearable. There’s a key to success,
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