Free Country?

They look down upon us and

Scoff, chuckle, take us for fools.

Fatten our heads with campaigns,

Ads that destroy the competitor,

Make us feel important enough to vote.

Our votes, like gum on the

Bottom of a shoe, gross, it has to go.

The fire that stirs in our bellies with rage,

The fight for a change, justice, peace,

It’s all meaningless, seen as hogwash.

We march down streets and wave signs,

Chain ourselves to buildings and host

Rallies in protest, only to be shot at,

Tear gassed, tased, treated like animals.

A wall being built to drive away other

Cultures, divide the world, spread a

Message of hate.

All out of selfish pride.

White privilege and Donald Trump.

Unclean water killing a society,

Police brutality, when will the madness end?

Sadness, shame, disgust for this country.

Brought here for better opportunity, freedom,

A chance, but I will never be proud

Of this American land.

On paper I belong, but this curly hair that you

Say is nappy and this copper skin that you

Love to hate reminds me that I never will.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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