my song

Mon, 12/09/2013 - 10:48 -- dyer18


In the midst of chaos and confusion

I trust God cause his power’s no delusion

Thanks to his grace my body keeps movin

Stayin in his word cause the truth is so soothin


If I feel low and my energy is gone

Through my prayer he makes my weakness strong

I once was blind, but now I see

My Father in Heaven has control of me


When I need help then God has my back

I can’t do this alone because Im not all that

I have a Savior who walked out of his grave

My freedom wasn’t free, there’s a price he paid


Riches are nice but I’m no fool

I have to give God what he is due

Just want to love him and keep his rules

You lookin at me funny but its you who’s confused


We celebrate today because he was resurrected

And we rejoice because we are now perfected

Spotless before God no longer infected

As long as you believe then you’ve been corrected


I’m at peace now so I can rejoice

God has changed me so I will lift my voice

Jesus came, to bear our sin

Everything I have is because of him


I’m in God and he’s in me

In a little while I will see

Heaven and that’s my belief

A mansion in his kingdom is where I will be


Heaven or Hell is the choice we were given

So when this body’s gone where will you be livin

The devil means you harm and will give you strife

But surrender to Jesus, and he gives abundant life


You might be blind but let me help you see

There’s more to religion than this hypocrisy

A relationship with God is what it should be

Yet you lust for what they have on TV



You should fear the one who can condemn your soul

Repent and stop sin and to Heaven you’ll go

Because I once was blind, but now I see

An eternity with god is where we are meant to be


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