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'Twas once in early misty in the cold forenoon; And some still sleep, so till and tight; beneath the moon. The door. There was a knock; with rapping and with tap. The mote in these eyes have awoken. Heard my kin --
There I walking solitude Alone, inconspicuous and free Of shadow where I walk passed everyday   I'm very confined in my own mind Wandering upon reality
Why do I work here? I'm hungry, where is the food? What's the WiFi code?
I watch from inside as the afternoon breeze flows through The lush green leaves of the overhanging trees out front I hear from my desk the hum of airplanes flying high And the snap of the flag in the sky to the side
so fucking alone lying in my bed  exhausted as im trying to pick up my phone but no one is home so i sit here alone  on this pollow of foam pillows scatter my bed
The glass glints as my window opens, When the light streams in, My whole world brightens, But with the light comes shadows.   Dark, hidden corners frame my room,
Worthless Is the name Can I show you my world ? It's filled with lies, betrayal , pain and despair  What am I holding? My knife  I bleed my pain away Yes it's okays if my clothes get stain
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