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My neighbor died on April 8, 2021 and his name was Joe.I learned about his death and I'm saddened to see him go.He wasn't just my neighbor, he was also my friend.It was sad when I learned that his life came to an end.
Dear Neighbor. My family isn't from around here. I did not grow up in these coastal neighborhoods. It's not like your family. With your nice dog and your kind husband and your quiet sons.
Last fall, my high school health class hosted guests from the local ambulance district. They taught the class to perform CPR, use an AED machine, and perform the Heimlich.
I have a wonderful neighbor and his name is Joe.He's a person and a friend who I'm proud to know.He's been my neighbor and my friend for twenty years.
"These are just words Written on a paper  You mean so much more  Than that to your savior Rocks you to the core It's quite a view changer Cause even if your poor
My car ran out of gas, but there was  a station close by. I walked up to the station, but had no gas can. A fellow was filling his gas can for his lawn mower and offered to help.
Everyone you meet - the ones that you avoid- these people are your reflection. See yourself as they see you, Would you be welcomed or Rejected.
He appears weak on the outside. Slow on the legside. And smiles on the faceside. His mind is still capable Of what? I dont't know. Finally my ears hear what he thinks.
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