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I took to ecstasy  I found everyone missing the point  To find paths that were not there Beyond a dream, dear me.   
I drank the moon  It was blue at noon My heart was snatched by bloom I was mad as insanity driven soon Each rev was mind blown as the moon and noon
When we kissed I felt it threw out my whole body, not gonna lie I’m as scared as I can be.  How did this happen, I planned to do this carefully.  For it to be a simple fling, and look what’s happening to me. 
There are some things I will never forget. Ten years from now, your smile as we walked through the park is all that I'll have left. I am grateful for the potency of these images,
Have you noticed me yet? The little burst of purple in that crowd, the one with her arms stretched high over her head. The one playing back directly whatever command the band gives.
It is the peak of a mountain Looking out onto the snow covered waves of rock Inhaling the clean crisp air As a single bald eagle soars above   It is the clear night sky uneffected by ambient light
Maybe it was the way my mind seemed to constantly disobey me and think about you, the way...the way you would speak of me, the vagary nature of your thoughts like... like I was the only one in your spacious angle of view.
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