Epitome of Ecstasy

Maybe it was the way my mind seemed to constantly disobey me and think about you, the way...the way you would speak of me, the vagary nature of your thoughts like... like I was the only one in your spacious angle of view. Maybe the slight herd of roaring butterflies that mocked my stomach and crept leaving remnants of your silhouette in my head, the curve of my mouth you would paint so effortlessly like an artist  showering his emotions through pencil led. Thinking over it, maybe maybe it was the way you valued the quirkiness that so easily embraced  me like a mother first setting eyes on you 5 pound 3 ounce new bundle of joy, or your 4 am sleepy voice so guttural and hoarse that could so easily be used towards me as a decoy. Or... or maybe it was the way you sent chills down my back like ants rushing, fervently rushing to meet with their compact organized colony. Maybe ,it could be your seductive yet sinister smile that you render to me occasionally. Perhaps the way you rushed your trembling fingers threw my fine hair, like waves afraid of collapsing against the shore line...The memories or are ideas, our choice of music, our laughter, our hugs,  that so freely intertwined.Could I be trapped in the fragile walls of the mere epitome of ecstasy? Maybe it was your infatuation of the way I looked everyday ...the absence of makeup because of the fact I was simply to lazy to apply it, how I knew if we waited for the right time, the right place, where the stars conversed and decided to align, we would benefit.Or, or, the way you loved that the sun would make an agreement with my flesh to sweetly give it color, How you raved about my boring brown cherries beset below my brow which I always longed that were multicolor. Could it be the way I whispered so brittlely I would never hurt you're beating organ that was once demised, How I promise I would  rush love into your heart into the emergency crevices of my hand and allow my mind to tell it to comply. And how you were overwhelmed with the fact that one person would help revitalize. Please, please tell me could I be trapped in the fragile walls of the mere epitome of ecstasy?In essence, maybe how you spoke with great fervor about how much you treasured my laugh that so greatly resembled a young child so happy their mother brought home a calorie infatuated lollipop,  How I was so utterly conscious about it that I would suddenly stop. How you offered me all of you're fibers of your perfect being, or how you would sotto voce the 5 letter word sorry without reasoning. Maybe the goodmorning messages that I would receive early that would reiterate your constant thinking of me, or the way you would keep a conversation lingering just to hear my raspy voice fall deep into sweet sleep like a weeping cherry tree. Or how you would love to hear the heavy breathing pattern of my pulmonary system, that wouldn't decrease until long after the AM.Why don't you tell me, could I be trapped in the fragile walls of the mere epitome of ecstasy? No, no. I know it's not because the Explicit nature of this wholesome love is much more purer than that of even the Baltic Sea.


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