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Despite all the mirrors I've walked past, I could never see myself When my finger touched the reflection,  Printless marks left the glass A fragment of unimportant dust The loudest whisper you never heard
I could spend forever day drea
Sometimes thoughts fall in my mind and knock me off my feet and I'm afraid that one day I will not be able to lay bricks around my legs and build myself back up again.
I hate cancer My mom throwing up everywhere, everynight Two years of this and still I'm tight Feeling of sadness  Thinking is she going to make it through the night.
I miss the green.   I miss the sweet sound of fresh fruits Falling straight from its' trees. I miss the roaring laughter of my family As we reminisce on childhood memories.  
Pacing, my current state is erased, new slate, new face, new plate, the old ways I negate, but oh how they linger, oh how they carry on, can one truly declare that their past has gone.
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