I could...


I could spend forever day dreaming,

Write your name in the sand,

But forever would never be long enough,

And the tides would wash away my finger impressed writings.

I could strive to be perfect for you,

Tell you a million times I love you,

But imperfection leads to laughter and growth,

While saying I love you will never compare to showing you.
I could become an artist and paint you on a blank canvas,

Become a musician and write you a beautiful piece,

But my hands would shake

And I would string together the wrong cords.

I could run a thousand miles to place a letter in your box,

Capture breathtaking pictures of God’s most beautiful creations,

But my legs would become weak,

And every picture would be you.

I could tell you your future,

Dance till the sun fell behind the highest hill,

But I’m afraid I would tell you a lie,

And step on your feet too many times.

I could spend thousands of dollars on you a day,

Travel around the world,

But I would work my life away,

While never having the time to escape.

I could be adventurous,

Be every girl you’ve ever been fond of,

But I would need someone to help me along,

And the only person I know to be is me.

Now I can hold you in my arms for hours,

Make you laugh till you cry,

Kiss you every time you try to talk till you forget your words,

Dance with you till we both fall over,

Sing to you in the summer sun,

And be your one and only,

While you’re forever mine.

All the things I could do would be wonderful,

And I will eventually achieve them,

But from this day on,

I can love you more than you could ever imagine.



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