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Teacher's lie when they say "there's no stupid questions!" Cause when I ask they get mad and yell at me for not paying attention. We have to sit through hour long lectures,
I'm finally here. I've waited, Day after day, And year after year. To sit in a class, Where an instructor is not concerned With keeping up appearances. Miss doesn't play Angry Birds.
  When thinking of things I shouldn’t say To teachers to tell them my feelings I purse my lips to hold back thoughts And roll my eyes to the ceiling   If I could tell you how I feel
Hey, you, at the board With your hands on your hips. You, in the front, The lesson on your lips. Stop. Listen.   Teach me something important,
My english teacher, (A brilliant man, really), He likes to tell us that all subjects are connected. Obviously such distinct lines  Drawn between subject classes Are unneccessary and hinder.
From pre-k to twelfth grade, we are taught to keep quiet, raise our hands, and be nice to everyone. I know my abc's and my 123's, but not the essentials. As a senior in high school,
Techer, teacher I wouldn't dare Not in here, nor out there I promise you I did not swear.   I am not bad like students you've had. Speaking such words, do you think i've gone mad?  
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