I Love College


I'm finally here.
I've waited,
Day after day,
And year after year.
To sit in a class,
Where an instructor is not concerned
With keeping up appearances.
Miss doesn't play Angry Birds.
Mister doesn't show us Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Doctor doesn't hide behind his desk.
I love it.
No personal phone calls,
asking a lazy husband
to bring a thirsty teacher
her Mountain Dew
During a lecture.
No dishonest chemistry teachers
Only teaching us
When the Board Members
Evaluate from the Doorway.
No history teachers
asking us to read a chapter
Then disappearing
For the duration of the Class.
No English teachers
Telling us to study for tests
On information
We never reviewed.
None of that.
No heartbreakingly dull excuses
For jobs not done
Information not taught
Assignments lost
And time purposefully wasted.
Man, do I love college.


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