Sh*t You Can't Say to Your Teacher


Hey, you, at the board
With your hands on your hips.
You, in the front,
The lesson on your lips.
Stop. Listen.
Teach me something important,
Like how to buy a house.
Teach me something I need,
Not the reproductive system of a mouse.
Stop. Listen.
I do not care about obtuse angles
I want to learn of the Ancient Greeks.
Do not teach me about Picasso's Blue,
Let me be my own geek.
Stop. Listen.
I do not need to memorize
Or recite your silly equations.
Do not take me from A to B
Or find the time of destination.
Stop. Listen.
Let me learn of night and day
The rhythm of the earth,
Let me learn the meaning of life,
Not how starfish give birth.
Stop. Listen. Let me learn.



For the Sh*t You Can't Say to Your Teaccher Scholarship. You may be able to tell that I don't care for math or anatomy.

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