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Dear child I see you over there
As he is our canvass We will force the star Upon the moon   He shall shine brighter than the sun
Transparently I observe; my eyes paint a picture, A landscape of the world and those within.
Till you come in Last All your mates graduate from a school that you didnt even participate IN wait-ing to exhale but you too busy inha-ling Taking in the world and watch it pass you by
Alright, you may open your textbooks and begin. Read. Read. Read. Bubble. Bubble. A, D, B, C, C... See. Look. Look around. Look at him, look at her.
One, two, three, four, She takes one step at a time, She fakes a smile as she walks through the door, But she knows what is deep at her core.
The time looms closer To when this journey is over And we begin our lives anew. Look forward to our futures,
im afraid we're falling apart you know that its true you were always to smart but it can't just be you i've nothing to offer yet offer i do over and over making you beleive its true
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