This Is the Last Time


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One, two, three, four,

She takes one step at a time,

She fakes a smile as she walks through the door,

But she knows what is deep at her core.


She looks to her left, she looks to her right

To see judgmental faces

The people they laugh, they snicker, they point

This is when she increases her paces.


She runs to the bathroom,

Tears run down her face

She can’t wait for the day that she is out of this place.


The things that they say,

She just can’t take it

Today is the day,

She will not make it.


Deep in her pocket she pushes her hand,

She grabs the pills that will lead to her end.


Out in the lobby her friends look around

“Where is she, where is she?”

Her friends say aloud.


Her friends disperse,

They have to find her

 They all take deep breaths

They fear for the worst


A few run to the bathroom,

They hear soft cries

They open the stalls

And look at her eyes


She is barely breathing

Her eyes are rolled back

And they see she is bleeding


Her friends, they panic,

They start to cry

They call 911

Their friend, she can’t die!


Emergency responders arrive just in time

One minute later they’d be saying goodbye


Days go by, then weeks, then months

She recovers, she breaths, she lives, she loves

She loves her life.


One, two, three, four,

She takes one step at a time,

She tells her story to stop the bullying

And love to the world she would bring.

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I think my favorite part of this poem is the use of imagry. What do you think?

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