Zac C

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Drilling your fingersin and under my skin,you use me as a suitto claim what is mine.
  When you find yourselfwith your toeshanging over the sideof your 7 story apartment,the breeze whistling betweenyour toes, inching closer to the edge,Who do you call?
The reflection ofthe moonresting it's image on the bed of water infront of usis the nicest way I would thinkI'd spend my timewith you
As you tempt me,hanging barely from the tip of a branch,barely inches from the tip of my fingers,I hesitate, just for a brief,but emotional moment;time slowed around mewaiting at the edge of it's seat
The tidbits of creasesin the skin of her face,surrounding  her mouthand extending her lips,lightingher eyes, showing her cheeksis beauty.
The way the wordsdance out of yourmouthlike the steady flow of water pouring down the side of a cliffEnchants me.The thrill of the wordsringing from your mouth make my spine tingle
Out of thedeepest crevices of me poursyour love, And on this bridge we stand,and let time blow bylike the wind.
Lines are just linesuntil you give those lines meaning.Give those linesmeaning, and you givethose lines life.Lines with life tellstories of worlds within worlds anddreams only obtained
  She said to me yesterdaythat the whole worldwas sitting in the palm of my hand.
With time staring me in the faceI scan my surroundings fora brief and subtle moment,making it a pointnot to let my presence be knownbut I notice I am too late,as you gaze at me
We are the ones
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