Ode to the Killer


Her eyes, glazed, in the stormy night
Stared enchantingly upon me. The delight,
Oh, the delight shadowed her face.
For, as I slipped into the castle,
All was forgotten, all was forgiven.
It was as if, for a split second, all
was normal, all was sane. Life was

The kiss, a blister on my lips
and across my neck. The tingling
I've ever so loathed. Trembling at
the lips, I was simply enchanted.
Encouraged to pursue, I found
myself instinctively reacting to
life, reacting to creation. Life was 

The smile, radiant and glorious. A
smile I would die for. For that 
fact, and that fact alone, I proceed
to allow myself-seduction to endure.
Normally, I allow myself none of the
such, but circumstances were different. Life was

Waves, floating with erotic intensity
could be the only way to describe our
functions. Impressively, I maintained myself
for longer stamina. As if possible, 
the heaven’s could rain in flowers.
It was obvious that my common goal 
was achieved. I won the war. Life was


The wickeds, content, are aware
of my coordinates. They expelled me from
further triumphs, and are stripping me
of my latest. As I sense the disturbance,
I know it’s too late. My hardship is
left in void. As I kiss the killer, seal my 
fate. I've lost my will, my righteousness. Life is

The faithful left faithless.



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