You Can Only Write Once Scholarship Slam

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I am not a genius I have wished to be Wanted to be But am left knowing I am not I have focused on what I’m not Read of those called genius Thought of how to be Yet was not born to be
The world lives,  To limit us. If we can accept those limits,  Then we shall live beyond them.
The genius of a person,  Is something so small,  Yet is so big. Genius is not found in beauty,
I'm sitting here in my chair, gazing at a luminescent computer screen. Hoping one day, that I can finally realize my dream. Applying for scholarships all day, and all night. But I have to wonder... is it worth the grind?
Hopeless   You turn left; Brother against brother. You turn right; Man against wife.   You fight for what you believe in, But at what cost?   You know it’s right;
I am not a poet, but, I am aware that I am a Writer.  I can't specify what I'm set out to Write.  But, in an academic world I am catergorized.  And, all my I's are combed out of me. 
A letter to a woman I would like to know Dear woman I would like to know, I was wondering if you can teach me some things Can you teach me how to laugh I have seen you laugh I like it
The Small, wooden chair sits alone in the corner   So easily consumed by flame.   The Small, stoic boy sat alone in that corner   And maybe his cousin the same.
Just because you don't understand Doesn't mean that you can deny it. It's like the serpent sleeping beneath your brain whispering things in your ear; things you never wanted to hear. It's always there
We were small, tiny children Friends to the end we would say Loving caring laughing living Learning and growing together   We were “big kids” now, but still fairly young
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