A letter to a woman i would like to know


A letter to a woman I would like to know

Dear woman I would like to know, I was wondering if you can teach me some things

Can you teach me how to laugh

I have seen you laugh

I like it

Its freeing, its loud, its carefree

Can you to teach me that laugh?

Can you teach me how to sing

I have heard your voice

that rhythm you use to show your discontent

That pitch to show you are excited

You talk to who you want

You say what you want

No matter when you want

How you want

It is passion when you hit notes

I can use that voice

Can you ,miss, teach me to sing.

Lady can you show me your mime

You say things without speaking

You express emotion with a wink

You do a lot with just your hips , finger tips and a quiver of your lips

A twirl of your neck

If you don't teach me anything teach me that mime

Will you teach to breathe

I know your past

Your burdens and your worries

But you managed to breathe

You cut cuffs I am still chained to

Hell, can you teach me to walk

Your head up high not a care

those feet paved the footsteps I am walking now

the first to ever do so

Ms. Lady Woman I would like to know

I can't wait to become you

Your face in my reflection I look forward to

Our eyes are two

Our fears maybe collapsing

But our knowledge ever expanding

I just need you to know

that no matter how vocal you are

no matter how graceful you are

you look at the girls like us

and encourage them.


A girl who wants to become the woman I'd like to know.


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