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What are we?  When we don’t be ourselves?  Pretenders?  But if that is so why do we pretend to be something we’re not? 
Thought: Power of 1   Too many times we underestimate the power of 1, We look at it and immediately compare “one” to “many” and think, It doesn’t amount to much,
Why this? Why us? Why do my uneducated peers pass judgement so freely? Am I similarly found within them often? Why do we find ourselves without bonds or restraints? Why are we all so vicious to other humans?
Okay, first off does anybody know what color matches with forest green? And why every street corner’s starting to look like a crime scene? Why do they got us locked up in school all day,
Going up to children, we ask what they want to be. Some say doctor, policmen, firefighter. Innocence is the real bliss. Going up to a high school student, we ask what they want to be.
The rocks beneath the earth that shelters the lava away. The gravity that holds us inside of this earth day by day. The people that try to help me even if I push them away.
Everyone is not the same so why do we strive to be like each other? Everyone wants to follow some one's foot steps but why?
On a daily basis there's a question that raises as i go through the book of my life just turning pages amazing from chapter to chapter I see disaster, tribulations, new mercies that God has demonstrated
My teacher asked me what a quality classroom should look like.   And sound like.   And feel like.   I'm a junior. So exactly why does that matter.  This is high school.  
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