Sun, 07/31/2016 - 15:57 -- bvalls

Going up to children,

we ask what they want to be.

Some say doctor, policmen, firefighter.

Innocence is the real bliss.

Going up to a high school student,

we ask what they want to be.

Some say doctor, engineeer, chemist.

Money is true happiness.

Do you really believe all of those people really want that job?

The world is harsh and no one wants to be left behind.

I always enjoyed any art.

I always drew, wrote, create.

I thought engineering would have been the best option.

I wanted guaranteed career stability over my passion.

But here I am now, questioning my desicion constantly.

Should have I took the chance and head to film?

I may never know.

I am in too deep to go back now.

But, the reality is, there are several paths.

I may not have a major in animation, but that will not stop me from learning to.

There are still more stories to tell and share.

Just because I am not an English major,

doesn't mean they will not listen.

Sometimes, we need people to go through a different path.

Or else reality would not have that little bit of fantasy,

Inspiring children in the first place

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Our world


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