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it takes a drunk to know another drunks burden, that bridges the drinking, crosses the problem, erases the solution, that no one wants to taint their hands in, sometimes it takes
Tell me again oh father of mine, Sob and howl repeat "she's died!" Your twin sister that died in babyhood, Manipulating us, feel the pity that you think we should,
Daddy had his drink, No money for our clothes, Daddy had his drink, More times than we supposed, Daddy had his drink, And we had bills with no way to pay,
Some love can taste like the finest wine I know it's wrong, but it's the most sweetest crime That I've overdosed on...
Flashes of bright lights littered the night sky. Sharp noises in the air muted the humming of cars that rushed past our hotel room. The palm trees were cocooned in Christmas lights,
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