tell me again

Tell me again oh father of mine,
Sob and howl repeat "she's died!"

Your twin sister that died in babyhood,
Manipulating us, feel the pity that you think we should,

Shout about your unique pain that drives the drink into your hand,
Consuming all compassion with none left for any other man,

Then my tears will fall alone for you,
Addiction promised to end without intention to follow through,

Repeat how you hurt, repeat about your pain,
I will sympathizes I'll even let your drink remain,

Tell me again oh father of mine,
What makes you fill the pint glass with wine,

Of Your youngest brothers brutal murder,
Yet Another reason for your white cider,

John, 6 years my senior, closer in age to me than you,
His death destroyed me, although you never knew,

Addicted to heroine his misery ending his life,
I wasn't quite 16 when they killed him with the knife,

But my pain unoticed always had to be,
As your grief had the greatest intensity,

So cry, sob, scream shout and swear,
Repeating ever louder how its all unfair,

So drink and drink for decades to come,
While you Carry on lieing to us as if we are dumb,

Screaming and shouting the same words again and again,
Lest our focus should ever shift off your pain,

"she's dead!" "he's dead!" "she's dead!",
Louder and louder to get it through our thick head.

This poem is about: 
My family


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