You Only Write Once Scholoarship

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Some things weren't meant to be beautiful, but you were.   You are the brightest star to my constellation. The apple I bite into without hesitation.
Stalking the streets for prey, So many warm hearts beating. Stay clear out of my way, Souls ready for the reaping.
Oh Helena, what be it that Me see in Thy Countenance? Is it some banished fear or reciprocity from years yore? Or the doubt to face recklessly the years henceforth?
She stands in a crowded place lookingLooking for something
It's like when I was 7 I used to follow footsteps in the snow until they mysteriously disappeared and just like then, I wonder where have you gone?   My dentist asked me
Once beautiful, strong, confident walls surrounded the city that was your heart built to keep the secrets in and potential dangers out until one day a gateway emerged and tourists
To ride without the fear of falling, The land speeds by, And ever onward is my calling, To ride where the willow weeps, To see the sun set by the sea, Traveling my beloved country,
We sense the tension estranged urgency--- flows through exhausted arrogant veins   flared reds bruised blues   swell and ooze into a pool of violent violets
I am staring at a blinking line  Wondering what to write  Awaiting for the words to be defined  Should my word excite or delight?  Should the depress or blurred with rhymes? 
Crisp edges Worn out words Yellowed pages Run-on phrases   Brand new thoughts All over the page
Brothers know that I care for you  know that you are my everything     know that the poison isnt real When the words that spew from my lips when the dark comes and encases my very being
This morning I opened my eyes. I saw the edge of my reality; It was all lies. Those that smiled and said they'd help let me fall. I then thought to stick to my ideas, but life took them all.
Isn't it strange,  How in the right context, We can make people feel whatever we want them to feel, With just a few simple words. Our words can bring someone down as high as they can build them up.
         I search for the path of enlightenment. I search for my name. So many paths of life stretch on and on yet none are for me. Too many questions on this quest. To be an actor. A writer. A therapist. Too many choices, too many paths.
She sits in her room with blood shot eyes. wearing her jacket to cover her lies. her smile so beautiful, sometimes so fake. Tonight another night, she lays here awake.   They told her to put down the knife,
Why do I always have to Think? That I'm always on the edge and I'm on the Brink Of falling off and landing with a Clink I'm exploring my own mind and I'm beginning to Sink
  You placed your hands on places they should not go, you took the only thing left that a girl could give to the one she loved.
It is said highschool is the best time of your life Young and full of life. Great memmories and stories can be shared from the 4 years.
14 years old  and growing younger by the minute. Invinsibility is the only way to describe the pain she felt those days. She use to think being free was painful because all she knew was captivity. Could she be even more twisted?
You fall asleep slowly, Letting your dreams take you in. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, But now you’re my everything.   I could spend my whole life Falling in love with your eyes.
No one unsterstands the struggles of a girl.  Her image as beautiful as a pearl. No one sees the problems and pain. everything she try's so hard to maintain. Luckily, every beautiful girl is strong and tough.
  Everybody is a book in life, a book that has a story While we are caught up in the writing of our own story With us as the protagionist and everyone else characters.
Little ones march off to war.Conflict created by the largeYet those small forced to partakeTiny termitesBitty bugsMicroscopic mitesAnts soldiering on loyaly in straight-line formation
I’m disconnected- Out of touch I feel nothing I feel numb I stare blankly upon the world in front of me Everything is moving Everything is alive I feel your touch
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