self loathing

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They start from the moment i wake up “You piece of shit”                               “go kill yourself”
Break me down to flesh Tear every string of meat from my bones Grit your teeth through the fat Savour every bit of muscle I've made myself as digestible as I can Eat all the best cuts from my battered corpse
Who am I? But a demon in the deep. I might not be like you, But I still need air to breathe. Is it you who will drown me? You who force me down? I fight, not for a victory,
Smooth skin replaced by Broken bones;   Empty eyes seen within Melancholy mirrors.   Remorseful reflections gazing back at Spurning spirits;   Hindering hatred
Their voices are shrieking in my ears. Do they know how bad they are at conversation? Its like talking to seals All barking about this or that, suffering my condemnation. All people suck. they force me to be human.
As words crawl up and out of my throat My fingers desperate to find the right note Heart as heavy as lead but fragile as glass Watching the ceiling fan, waiting for it to pass The nausea the fatigue
I hold her hand as her world liquifies through her eyes, I listen as she narrates the lies, Recreates their lows and highs. How time flies, Only yesterday he said, "Surprise" Proposing to her, that was so wise.
With words of poison in my direction, I am an artist.Express feeling with color and word;paintbrush and pen.  
Imperfection.   No trace of rapture lingers in torment.She, who cannot love herself,is without peace in mind and body.  
You think the world is always out to get you. You're paranoid, afraid, and you feel alone among friends.
The dark damp dank dungon Holds me prisoner to its misery I am chained to the wall of my past The pain The sorrow I am petrifyed I don't want to look back I can't look forward 
A mad man SCREAMING FOR THE HELP IN THE ENDLESS DARK CREVICES OF MY SOUL AND DESPAIR THAT CLAWS AND RIPS THROUGH THE THROAT...  ..and it mumbles like the stretching of the skin. Gurgle, Gurgle, dead. 
“you are what you eat.” an english proverb - if you eat well, you will be well; but if you eat badly you will feel bad. i used to eat icing behind the couch, shovel it into my mouth like the dirt i played with outside. i’m seven and alive, and i...
To be a wolf or a sheep?
Maybe he didn't see the wall.Maybe the darkness forbid sight.Maybe the fog of Depressionsettled over his eyes, blinding,obstructing his perspective.  
He built a shield around himself
The salt burns my eyes I've repeatedly told myself useless lies I scream at myself, alone There's no one else, because no one's home "Stop crying! Stop crying!" "Being this weak is embarrassing!"
There exists a division, splitting up my left arm, Cutting to the bones of my wrist,
Never any use trying to sleep.Too much went wrong, too many lost.Anxiety over how you could have saved her,or him, or yourself.But you didn't.
We are too alike, I now know that's why we do not bend we break. When the clocks ticks hasten and you swear you cannot breathe you cannot speak nor hear you can see through to me.
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