Smart Driving

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My dad's an alcoholic, so naturally, I've always been afraid of him drinking and driving. Sources say that ever 53 minutes,  someone die from a drunk driving accident. My dad could easily have been one.
Buckle up we are going on a road trip, Hold up let me text my mother real quick. Okay let me pull out of the driveway, I wonder what’s happening on Instagram today. Both directions is the only safe way to look,
Stuck here, In this chair. Hey man at least its got wheels.   I never get to leave this thing. It sucks, Day after day I sit here, To be honest; Its not even that comfortable.  
I, too, once looked like you. Danced without fear To entertain was my goal. Distracted by a distant thought, Describing my favorite movie to a friend, Drove as if the road had no end.  
Man I’ve been studying all week and haven’t had a break I need some fun and a night out to keep me awake. Instead of the club I go to the gym Then I get a text from him. He won’t be able to talk on the phone tonight
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