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Never Conform Never be Borin Believe in you so you’ll always be Soarin.   -Dus
I had never really thought about poetry until 8th grade. As a class we needed to read a poem called "Stardust".
When you are different Everything is wrong Nothing is right But because of that  You still have to fight, With all your might You have to flaunt your Ethnicity Your Philosophy Your Style
In order
Laughing or crying?  she doesnt know which one is worse  no matter what she does people always fuss and curse. be yourself , do what you like  she hears on tv but to be honest shes thinking realistically
  To fall in love
Fakebook. Instastab in the heart. Subtweeter.   Real babies, Not dolls. Drinking beer, Not juice.   YOLO, swaggin' Getting turnt up. This generation
They are the people, they are the crew, They are the ones who might scare you, They don't play no same games, That's why no one knows their names,
One, two, three.
  Every once in a while, someone will bring you down,
What if we taught our children to think? What if we taught our children to be open-minded? We should teach our children how to never be one-sided. Open to any idea and any kind of love that in the mind can be grounded.
That awkward conversation  In seventh grade health class gets passed along through the halls that feeling will never pass You get to senior year and decisions must be made to try things unheard of
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