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You were never there for me, more absenteeism then a procrastinator working a 9 to 5 job you played me this whole time like some first shooter video game and I was the narrator.
A poem I’m writing this poem But the absence in my mind Is making it hard to find The words I need to write This poem
She stood by the sea, Trying to breath.
The moment came when I was looking deep into his eyes. I realized this was serenity. This was happy. We laid there for hours next to each other under the stars, Yet it felt like mere moments.
Shallow Heart, why are you beating so load. Shalow Heart, why are you pulling me down. Shallow Heart, why are you doing this to me. Shallow Heart why cant you just let me be.   My thoughts are dying,
Fairytales, such corruption- the story told by devil.   Starting from “Once upon a time...” two beautiful people destined to be together...
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